Who doesn’t love a freshly made jam on the dining table? A fruity delight that smoothly spreads on the toasted bread. This grape jam is easy to make and preservative free. Homemade grape jam tastes nothing like sticky-sweet supermarket grape jelly. It has a deep, concentrated grape flavor, and is equally tart and sweet. A jar of this jam would make an excellent fall harvest-inspired gift.

This recipe is very healthier version of any Jam recipe since we use honey instead of Sugar. Honey has lots of medicinal values which makes this jam 100% healthier. There is no added pectin in this recipe, instead of that we are using the natural pectin resource. Apple, papaya, lemon are the richest source of pectin. Since apple being mild in taste, we make use of that in the Grape Jam recipe.

This Grape Jam is fruit-forward, sweet, and full of dark, pungent grape flavor. It will make you feel like a kitchen superhero every time you open a jar for your morning toast.

Try at you home you will love it. It is very easy to make.


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  1. Add the apple pieces into blender
  2. Blend it into a fine paste and keep it aside in a pan
  3. Cut 4 -5 grapes in half and save it for later
  4. Blend the rest of the grapes into a paste without adding water
  5. Pour this mixture into the same pan.
  6. Put the pan over the heat and stir well for 5 minutes
  7. Into it add the honey and cook on medium flame
  8. When the mixture begins to thicken up, add the lemon juice
  9. Add the grapes which are cut in half into it
  10. Crush these grapes a bit using a spatula and the jam begins to thicken up
  11. In order to check whether the jam has reached the right consistency, put a spoonful of jam into a plate and tilt it. If the jam doesn’t flow, it has cooked
  12. well and has the right consistency
  13. Turn off the flame and allow it cool down
  14. Transfer the jam into a sterilized glass jar
  15. Close the lid of the jar only after the jam has completely cooled down
  16. This jam can be refrigerated and used up to 6 months